Based in Buffalo, NY, our team has over 25 years of experience consulting, sampling, and monitoring projects in the environmental domain.

Our staff and firm currently hold EPA Lead Based Paint Professional Licensing, NYSDOL Asbestos Inspector/ Project Monitor Certification, State of Texas Department of Health Mold Assessment Certification, Consultants Licenses, and IICRC S520 Moisture Management Certification. In addition, we have architects, engineers, and certified industrial hygienists on call.

Anthony DeMiglio
Founder & Team Lead

Anthony DeMiglio founded AMD Environmental in 2010. Since then, AMD has taken root as one of the foremost authorities on environmental health and safety in the Buffalo and WNY area.

He has over 20 years of experience assessing and treating hazardous environments with a background stemming from extensive safety & health management, HUD Grant management, environmental consulting, project management, and contaminants investigation activities.

Gerald Dunlap
Field Manager

As an environmental consultant, Gerald Dunlap serves our clients by conducting mold inspections, lead based paint risk assessments, and indoor air quality testing. Mr. Dunlap also serves as a Field Manager, possessing multiple certifications as asbestos project and air monitor, inspector, project designer, EPA Lead Risk Assessor, and Radiation Safety technician.

Mr. Dunlap is also responsible for providing oversight of AMD field staff during inspections, monitoring and air sampling services for public and private projects. In addition to his role as Field Manager, Mr. Dunlap brings to AMD 15 years of experience in Hazardous materials assessment, and radiation abatement.

Jonathan Wolf
Office Manager

As an environmental consultant, Jonathan Wolf has performed hazardous materials inspections, project oversight, and air sampling services for our clients. As Office Manager, Mr. Wolf is responsible for project scheduling and ensuring that our field personnel are prepared for the project they are working on.

His duties include scheduling, report building and project bid submissions. Mr. Wolf began at AMD as a Project and Air Monitor and Inspector, and has firsthand experience with the day-to-day health and safety challenges our workers are faced with. His experience and oversight allows AMD to provide the highest standards for our clients.


  • NYS DOL Asbestos Handing License
  • NYS DOL Asbestos Inspector
  • NYS DOL Asbestos Air Technician
  • NYS DOL Asbestos Project Monitor
  • NYS DOL Mold Assessor
  • NYS DOL Mold Assessor Firm License
  • Texas Department of Health Services Mold Assessment Consultant License
  • OSHA Construction Safety and Health Training
  • Project / Design Training (HAZMAT & OSHA)
  • US EPA Lead Inspector
  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration / Applied Structural Drying
  • US EPA Lead Risk Assessor
  • Radiation Worker Safety Training (RMD)
  • Level I Thermographer Certificate
  • Approved by NYS DOL to teach licensing courses for Mold Remediation Contractors
  • Mold Abatement Worker Supervisors, and Mold Abatement Workers
  • Approved by Texas Department of Health Services to teach licensing courses for Mold Assessment Consultants
  • NYS DOH Environmental Laboratory Approval Program, Environmental Analyses Air and Emission

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