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Failure To Plan, Is A Plan to Fail

Failure To Plan, Is A Plan to Fail

Over the past ten years, AMD Environmental has been part of numerous restorative projects in Western New York. Projects that have served good people in desperate need of safe and affordable housing. And others that allow for economic advancement and population growth in various cities. 

We don’t view ourselves as just an environmental consulting company. It’s not that simple. Our services give way to the vision. The preliminary steps to progress and subsequent environmental remediation that allows momentum to build.

We are the building blocks to safer development which makes us more than an environmental testing firm: it makes us essential. 

Our vision is not only to test and monitor environmental hazards, it includes the desire to be part of something more meaningful in our city and beyond. A vision brought to fruition gives way to jobs, shelter, and healthy homes. This is why we do what we do. 

It is our mission to bring environmental awareness to building owners and developers because we have seen what happens when companies fail to plan. 

We all know the saying: Failure to plan, is a plan to fail. 

This is precisely why environmental testing and consulting should be at the forefront of all development plans. In our line of work, we see large scale projects held up due to several factors:

  • Companies that fail to test, risk compliance issues 
  • Improper planning causes budgets to be impacted, subsequently holding up anticipated timelines 
  • Inaccurate environmental testing not only puts people at risk of exposure to hazardous materials, it delays progress 

In order to avoid compliance issues and other building complications, it is crucial to carefully and accurately assess risks and plan accordingly. 

What Should Be Done Before a Project Starts?

One of the first things companies must do is perform an environmental assessment and test prior to the start of an operation. There are regulatory standards that detail identification and handling of hazardous materials for various activities.

 Some of the regulated activities include:

  • Demolishing or salvaging structures where hazards are present 
  • Transporting, disposing, or storing contaminated materials 

Enter AMD. 

Our experience, combined with a vested interest in the health and safety of our community, is the driving force behind our proven track record. We have environmental solutions that simplify the process. Our team assesses the potential risks in an environment that may be associated with asbestos, lead, mold, hazardous materials, water damage, and indoor air quality. We provide testing and accurate reports so progress can continue seamlessly. 

We are AMD Environmental.