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What You Need To Know About Lead Testing Services

What You Need To Know About Lead Testing Services

Lead is a soft, heavy metal. Lead was used in paint to stretch the life of the color in buildings built before 1979. Lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust remain a concern in older homes because of the risk of lead poisoning. Even low levels of exposure can cause health problems in babies and young children. 

AMD Environmental Consultants’ lead testing services focus on awareness of regulatory changes and advising clients about compliance and potential health or legal concerns associated with lead. 

Why Is Lead Exposure Dangerous?

Lead exposure can cause lead poisoning in children, adults, and pets. Lead poisoning (toxicity) is a condition in which lead is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream and distributed to the brain and other vital organs. The body stores lead in bones, blood, and other tissues. Prolonged exposure causes organ dysfunction, fertility issues, and overall sickness. 

Children are more likely to suffer symptoms from lead poisoning because their developing bodies absorb more of the lead. 

Pets may also experience symptoms associated with lead poisoning like abdominal discomfort, vomiting, and seizures. 

Types of Lead Services 

Lead services depend on the property type and the testing purpose. Some examples of lead services include:

Property Lead Inspection 

A property inspection includes a surface-by-surface investigation using industry-related technology like XRF testing. 

An XRF tool (X-Ray Fluorescence) is a portable x-ray device that detects lead-based paint in a house, dwelling unit, or residential building. The device sees through a surface and detects lead underneath. The inspector holds the XRF analyzer directly on each painted surface to take measurements, which are then classified based on EPA / HUD standards.

XRF lead-testing is non-destructive, fast, and cost-effective.

Renovation-Specific Testing 

The risk of disturbing lead is high during a renovation project. Homeowners should have a renovation-specific lead test in an older home before home renovations start. 

Do-it-yourself home projects have the potential to spread around lead dust, so it is critical to determine if and where lead is present. 

Risk Assessment 

A risk assessment is an on-site investigation to determine the presence, type, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards (including lead hazards in paint, dust, and soil).

Specific properties may require a risk assessment, lead inspection, or combination. Some examples of properties that may require testing include:

  • Child-occupied residences with children under six years old (federally funded housing)
  • Federally subsidized housing that receives rental or grant-funded assistance
  • Public housing that is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

A thorough report follows each assessment, complete with results and guidance. 

Protect Against Lead Exposure 

The best way to protect yourself, your family, or your tenants is to perform a lead-risk assessment or lead-based paint inspection on your property. AMD Environmental’s EPA lead-based paint professionals safely assess potential lead-related dangers. 

AMD Environmental’s knowledge, experience, specialized lead paint testing techniques, and technology help identify all lead-based surface coatings. You only need to have the surfaces on your property inspected once. With that information, we can help determine cost-effective ways to eliminate or control any future issues.

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