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AMD Environmental Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Statement

AMD Environmental Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Statement

To Our Valued Clients and Community Members:

As the situation around the Coronavirus changes, AMD Environmental will continue to evaluate the current conditions and micro-clusters in the areas we service. As an essential business, we are acutely aware of the challenges that come with evolving COVID-19 directives from the state and other government authorities. 

Our team has pivoted accordingly with minimal disruption to our service agreements. 

If there is one thing we’ve learned as we navigate our way through these unique times is the importance of flexibility. Flexibility for our team, our clients, and ourselves. We’ve adapted and modified every step of the way, while remaining hopeful for the future of our community.  

As an environmental consulting business, we are thankful to be regarded as essential, but we acknowledge that others do not fall neatly into this category. Please know it is our position that all members of the workforce are essential not only for our economy, but to our humanity. 

The safety and well-being of our employees and clients remains a top priority. We constantly evaluate safety procedures and our employees have been provided proper protective gear to ensure that we do our part to reduce the spread of the COVID -19 virus. Under the current conditions, our employees are able to safely carry out environmental testing and monitoring for our clients. This includes all residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. 

If you are concerned about mold growth at your residence or property or if you are in need of environmental consulting to advance a construction project, you can trust that AMD Environmental’s safety measures are wide reaching. We are confident that we can safely provide solutions to you and service your needs. 

We hope you are all doing well in the midst of these unpredictable times.